Shadows Hold Their Breath

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Shadows hold their breath

There is an intense drama in McMenemy’s body of work entitled “Shadows Hold Their Breath”. Like a blurred memory or hazy dream, we are unsure of where we are, what time of day, where we are coming from or where we are going.

The subject matter is an area of land found on the sea-to-sky corridor between Vancouver and Whistler BC. This is a particular stretch of land McMemeny has always been drawn to. Here, there is a strange and curious relationship between the rapidly moving highway and how it bisects the ancient woods.

Entering the mind of the forest, McMenemy contemplates what stories remain after time passes and the society that surrounds fades away. “When the light fades, the shadows too will fade; swallowed up by the darkness of night.”

The result is this series of paintings depicting the monumentality of the woods against a dark red sky. The raw wood panel is left exposed, making the medium also the message.

The last step: McMenemy seals in the drama created, with a thick coat of resin. Like insects caught in amber, moving time is held still. Solidified on canvas, these shadows hold their breath, waiting for the day when they might breathe again.